Burn Brighter

Yes! You made it! You are one step closer to Burning Brighter!

This site exists to help fellow caregivers especially Nurses learn to burn brighter and thrive rather than struggle and move towards burning out.

Healthcare is complicated. Everyday we face obstacles like moral injury, compassion fatigue, and burnout - NOT to mention all the additional pressures of COVID-19 these days. 

I may be an eternal optimist BUT I believe we can conquer the demons. Together we can disrupt our broken healthcare system and become the change so desperately needed!

Perhaps we will even fall back in love with nursing and healthcare again....

If you are looking for concrete ways to  rekindle your passion and love for nursing, you are in the right place.

I have some free resources available including a 1.5 hour continuing education class for nurses (register below on this page) and a short ebook. 

I am so delighted you are here and I look forward to a time when we are all burning brighter and lighting up the Universe together!!

Deep Breaths Guide

My Burn Brighter Story

Please listen to this video to hear more about my mission to help nurses all over the world navigate the obstacles in healthcare today as they shift from struggling to thriving and burning bright!


Burn Brighter FREE CE Webinar!!

I originally created this for Nurses Week 2019, and even though a lot of time (and COVID) have happened, the content is still quite relevant.....

SO, I am gifting YOU with 1.5 hours of CE credit if you're an RN and you're interested 

Click the button below to get more information about the class and to register and view the recording!

Given the chaos of COVID-19 - you deserve this FREE gift!

Yes!! Tell Me More!!

and HERE is a book you might like that I co-authored...


The Beauty of Authenticity

Inside, you will find my story PLUS those of 22 co-authors  

Authenticity is about showing up as your true self, no holding back. It asks you to explore and reveal hidden parts of yourself - perhaps parts you didn't even know existed. Living authentically is not for the weak.

It takes courage to be your true self!

If you long to embrace your truth, and live a life of meaning, purpose, and grace, these stories are the perfect guide. They will empower you on your own journey of authenticity and letting your truth shine through!

Discover Many Lessons for Living Authentically & Unapologetically inside this book!

I want my own SIGNED copy

Rekindle My Fire 

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